How much does the Find Return service cost?

It is free.

What features are available?

  • Ability to register Find Return enabled products to property, people, pets and others with ease.
  • Image upload feature for pets, property and people.
  • Unlimited contacts with photos.
  • GPS location of finder (if permission is given).
  • Numerous property retrieval contact methods including phone, email and various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+).
  • Transfer unique Find Return ID’s between customer accounts.
  • Manage your account from all devices including tablet and Smartphone etc.
  • Online help and support ticket system.

Do people make contact when they have found an item of property?

Yes, the majority of people are honest. Additionally there are thousands of items handed into Police Stations and lost property offices just waiting to be collected.

How does Find Return work?

Each Find Return property tag or label etc has a unique QR code, identification number and pin. If an item is found with a Find Return tag or label etc the finder can either contact the owner to re-unite them with their property by either scanning the QR code or typing in the unique identification number and pin on the website to view the preferred contact method(s) which have been registered for the tag or label.

Is it possible to update my account details?

Yes - simply login to your account and make your changes as necessary.

Is it possible to update the details of who owns an item of property etc?

Yes - simply login to your account and make your changes. Once logged in you can change or add contact information, images, holiday locations and much more.

Can I transfer a Find Return ID to another person?

Yes, simply login to your account, go to ‘Products Overview’, select the desired ID and then set ‘Transferable’ to Yes. Once this has been complete another Find Return member can claim and register the ID themselves and it will be automatically removed from your account, this feature is especially useful if you are selling or passing items on.

What contact details are publically available?

We only display the contact details that you have provided when you were registering products in order that a lost item can be returned to you. For example in the case of a pet you may wish to make your address available, however if you are registering a key tag like the My Pockety Key Buddy to safeguard your keys in the event of loss you would not include your address for obvious reasons but perhaps just a couple of contact telephone numbers?

Do you share my details with third parties?

We do not share any information with any third party. The only information that is shared is controlled by the account holder and solely relates to the contact information displayed to aid the return of an item of property etc.

How do I get Find Return tags, labels etc for my property?

They can be purchased from our shop

Can I have several labels, tags etc with the same Find Return ID?

No, each product has its own unique Find Return ID.

How do I become a supplier of Find Return products?

Please use our contact form on our website to indicate your interest.

What are the benefits of becoming a Find Return supplier?

Quite simply it adds value to your product and increased sales, a more professional appearance, an edge on the competition and more.

Can I licence your software?

Unfortunately we do not.

Do you provide customer support?

Yes, we provide a user friendly online customer support ticket/messaging system. This feature is only available to account holders when logged in at

Do you provide support for products with a Find Return label or tag etc attached to it?

We only provide support directly related to the Find Return service and not any product(s) with a Find Return label, tag or sticker attached to, in or on it as we are not the manufacturer. Your first point of call should be the original supplier.