Drone, UAV, Quadcopter and Multi-Rotor Lost and Found Return For Award Stickers

Loosing a drone isn't something anybody wants

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In recent years the popularity of drones has increased and that means more people are flying and in some cases drones can become lost due to many reasons. If the thought of loosing your drone due a flyaway or crashing out of visual range keeps you awake at night then it's worth looking at ways you can have a better chance of your beloved aircraft being returned safely to you.

You could just never fly your drone and take up a new hobby? Not likely! On a serious note it's best to try and put in place as many options as possible to aid the safe return of your drone even if it ends up in several bits, but hopefully not. There are a few high tech solutions to solving this missing drone problem but they involve modifications and can be expensive to implement e.g. GPS tracker although would work well it's not an option for everybody especially if you're not technically minded. One of the easiest ways to help get back your lost property whether that's a drone, your house/car keys or clothing is to attach a label with details that will help a finder contact you quickly, read more about this below...

We have a solution to lost drones

Fortunately there is a simple solution, the Find Return service is already helping to protect thousands of peoples property, pets and loved ones via our stickers, tags and sew in labels. When it comes to protecting your drone and giving you a greater chance of getting a lost one returned simply applying one of our stickers is certainly a good start and for most is more than enough. Once you apply your sticker just header over to our registration page, 30 seconds later your drone is protected and you can worry less.

Protect your drone, radio and more

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We recommend placing the Find Return sticker somewhere obvious to a finder, you can also protect your other drone related kit e.g. radio, batteries, battery charger and FPV goggles etc with stickers and our metal tags. When somebody finds your drone, they can scan the QR Code or enter the unique Find Return ID and you can then be contacted almost instantly via a call, email or social media profiles etc and getting back your lost drone just become a lot easier.

Details changed? Drone Upgrade? No problem stay protected

Our drone lost and found service works 24/7/365 and you can always update your contact details, if you upgrade your drone you can just apply another sticker and you're protected it's really that easy. Our stickers are small enough to fit virtually anywhere on your drone, whilst keep it's aesthetics.

If you have any questions about our uk drone registration service please click here to contact us and we will be more than happy to you help you.

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