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How The Find Return Service Works

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Property, person or pet has become lost.

Label or tag is scanned, the finder can also visit the Find Return website.

You can be contacted several ways to ensure safe return of the property, pet or person.

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As you can see returning your lost property, pet or person is a simple process. We sell several durable items including sticky labels, sew-in labels (a modern name label) and a round metal tag which is great for keys and pets.

Simple, effective and versatile

The Find Return service is free and to get started just sign up then register any labels or tags you have purchased. Our service has many great features such as the ability to add one or more contacts, medical details (allergies etc) and even a photo of the pet, property or person profile page all from your account.

Ideal for parents and children

To make life easier we have built our service so you can register one or several Find Return ID's printed on labels or tags to one profile (person), this is useful if you're a parent and have sewn in clothes tags. If any of your child's clothes become lost you can be contacted, and any changes you make to the profile (person) will reflect on all the sewn in labels if they are scanned. Of course each Find Return ID can have it own profile along with contacts and photo, it's entirely up to you.

Traditional labelling can be ineffective

Whilst traditional name labels do work e.g inside of a school or nursery, they can become ineffective in public areas where the child is not known so for example a coat or jumper is left in a park. Our labels would allow the finder to contact you directly thus dramatically increasing the chances of the coat or jumper being returned. It's definitely something worth considering when labelling clothing, our labels can also be used in conjunction with traditional name labels for the best of both worlds.

Accessible from anywhere 24/7

Any changes you make to your account are also reflected instantly (if item is found) e.g. updating contact details or adding a photo etc. Find Return ID's can also be transferred allowing the new owner to claim them. This is especially useful in situations like a school thrift shop or if items are passed down to other children.